Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seymour Snail and Cinder Rabbit Book Widgets--What Will They Think of Next?

As my sweet grandma Dessie used to say, "Would you look at that! What will they think of next?"

Something new, nifty, easy and fun perhaps? I was poking around the Henry Holt website this morning. Look what I found--nifty book widgets for free--for folks to add to their sites or blogs.
I will give it a try right here.

If you'd like to add a Seymour or Cinder Book Widget to your blog or review site, just zip on over to Holt's web site here for the Seymour Book Widget, and here for the Cinder Rabbit Book Widget and pick yourself up some free and easy html code to simply copy and paste into your review. **

I'd be thrilled if you decide to add one of these fun widgets to your blog so we can perform a little Social Media Experiment to see how quickly our slow snail can slime his way across the wide wonderful world of the Kidlitosphere. Seymour thanks you for giving it a try.

Cinder would be hoppy if you tried her widget, too.

If you need a review copy of Seymour or Cinder, please let me know and I'll ask Holt if they still have review copies available. (Of course it'll help if you are a reviewer of books for younger children so please tell me where you review books).

** helpful hint: if you end up with a big white space (as I did at first) where you posted some of the html, just delete all the code prior to the "embed source ..." and keep all the "embed source ..." including the <> enclosures at each end.

And if you do add one of the widgets to your blog or review site, please let me know how it worked and where you posted it. Thanks!

Forecast: Seymour's Book Widget slowly (or quickly) oozing along at a his own pace. What do you think, Imaginary Readers? What will they think of next?

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