Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lynn Interviewed at ForeWord Magazine

Dear Imaginary Readers,

ForeWord Magazine has an interview of me by Whitney Hallberg in their March/April 2009 edition.

I think the formatting is best here.

In part I talk about the dual imagination process between author and reader. Take a look:

The question no one asks, the one you’re itching to answer is…

"What intrigues me most about writing fiction?"

The creative imagination process—the magic that allows us to create characters and events that didn’t previously exist and capture them on the page for others to experience.

As a writer how do I make my imaginary characters, places and stories real and believable? What exactly happens when we travel the elusive ink-on-paper-bridge between the blank page beginnings of the author’s creativity and the readers’ imagination process on the other side? When readers decode bits of ink on paper, what makes characters, emotions, stories and books come alive? What makes a lasting connection between author and reader even as we are separated in time and space? Though we may never meet in real life, how does this dual creative imagination process between author and reader change us?

Read the rest of the interview here.

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