Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Back with Bad Poetry Friday-- Join us as Jules & Eisha Share Seven Impossible Stanzas...

Hold on to your coffee mugs, folks. It's time for Bad Poetry Friday...

Lynn says: Hmmm. That was supposed to be all one poem, but Blogger shrunk it really tiny (squint below). So I had to divide it into smaller chunks to make it show up a bigger, readable size. Anyone know how to get rid of the tiny border boxes? I suspect it has to do with my template choice. Please just imagine that those little boxes around the stanzas don't exist, okay?

Otherwise it would look like this:

Forecast: Poetry Police! I hear the sirens already...

Okay our Poetry Police just got this on their radar. Here's what the Poetry Police have to say: "Good poem. So smart and funny. Hmm, okay these people aren't even trying anymore. To write a bad poem you have to expend a little effort: wrack your brain for the cliche--it will come. But if you insist on being original and funny, well I'm afraid I can't help. Bad Poetry Friday? We just can't get there from here."

You heard it folks, we need worse bad poetry than this. Don't be afraid.
Remember: Let’s force more rhymes
Let’s mess with the meter
Let’s lower the bar from now on.

So come back next week to the Imaginary Blog because every Friday--
The Rhymes, They Are a Changing….

Come creative people, please heed the call
Send us BAD POETRY, or no poetry at all…
Here's how to play


TadMack said...

This is Lovely?

Cloudscome said...

Oh no. How could you post this the week my Dr. made me give up coffee? I really need some now.