Monday, December 31, 2007

Time Warp 2007: Flashback? Montage?

Forecast: Moving forward while looking back.

Since we're on an imaginary blog, please imagine that these
2007 events were posted throughout the year as they occurred.

Oh, no--not a dreaded flashback?
Nope, a whole montage of flashbacks...

January 2007

Refreshments at our SCBWI San Francisco South region's "Second Saturday" series of talks included this fun cake, cooked up by Joli Allen. The paper to the left is a Francis Bacon quote:
"Some books are meant to be tasted, others to be swallowed,
and some few to be chewed and digested."

Joli, Jan Bell, & Evelyn Sherry are the terrific organizers of the Second Saturday Series, held--you guessed it--usually the second Saturday of the month from September through May.
2007 Forecast: Going to be a sweet year?

February 2007

Imagine--a person my age (& an author besides) who had never been to New York City.
But it was true.
That is--until February 2007!
Brr, it was cold, fun, exhausting, and too short a visit, but now there's proof.
Here's me in Central Park.
Attended the national scbwi conference.
Rode taxis all over, went to parties and out to eat. Met up with old and new writer friends from Vermont College.
Watched ice-skaters in Central Park and bought scarves from a street vendor.

Went to MOMA with my writer friends, Ellen Yeomans and Marsha Morrow. The conference was great too--with a whirlwind of editors, agents, talented authors, illustrators and more.

Yes, it was only my first visit to NYC but now I imagine--the first of many.

March 2007

Cover to Cover Bookstore hosted Vivian Walsh, LeUyen Pham and me as part of Noe Valley Author Nights--billed as "a free series of readings, signings, and even cupcakes." We read aloud, did crafts with the children (paper Venus Fly Traps for Buzz Bumble), and of course--we signed books. And yes, there were cupcakes. Sweet.

April 2007

Buzz Bumble Goes to Stanford...or to the Provost's Egg Hunt!
What a perfect event for children of Stanford graduate students on a gorgeous morning in between two rainstorms!

I read Buzz Bumble aloud, then children acted out the story. Some talented kids volunteered to draw bees--with stingers.

Fellow Authors Erin Dealey and Kim Zarins were there too.

Photo credit to Sean Walker on this little sweetie.

Buzz Bumble & Venus Flytraps
at Keplers Bookstore In Menlo Park

I brought a real Venus Flytrap along. Children made paper flytraps of their own, complete with bugs trapped inside. Buzz Bumble is a story of sibling rivalry in a colorful garden setting.
At one point, Baby Bumble stumbles into a Venus Flytrap.
Will she get digested by the plant?
Who can save her?
Look at the great flytraps these sibs made.

You're never too old to read (or write) picture books
(or have fun making a crafty flytrap)!
Teachers, this is an easy classroom activity. Give it a try.

April, May & June 2007

Finished up my Screenwriting class at City College.
Whew! Lots of work.

Sold my YA novel, SHIFTY! Whoo-hoo--More on this later!!

I've been (mostly) lurking on a YA novelists listserve while writing and rewriting SHIFTY, and trying to attend local YA readings & book signings, especially those at Not Your Mother's Book Club (NYMBC) at Books Inc., organized by the amazing Jenn. When fellow YA novelist listserver, Cecil Castellucci, came to NYMBC several BAYA's (Bay Area YA novelists) met before Cecil's event for dinner. And after the event for drinks with Jenn, Cecil, Shannon & the BAYA's. Fun.

From the left: Deborah Davis, Lynn Hazen, Cecil Castellucci, Jeanne DuPrau, & Doug Rees.

Other awesome NYMBC author events I've been lucky to attend were readings by: Markus Zusak, John Green, Sherman Alexie, Meg Rosoff, Gene Yang, Nick Hornby, Louis Sachar, Ellen Klages, E. Lockhart, David Levithan, Rachel Cohn, and more. Hooray to Jenn & Not Your Mother's Book Club for hosting these events.

July 2007

Vermont College MFA Summer Residency

What's so wonderful about Vermont College's MFA program in Writing for Children & Young Adults?
Oh, just about everything.
I admit it, I love this place--the people and the intense creative vibe and sheer talent of the students and faculty--not to mention the dedication to writing and re-writing the very best stories for children & young adults. I graduated in July 2004 and this was my third summer back as a grad assistant with fellow writer and Vermont grad, Ellen Yeomans.
It's hard to stay away.

Where else can you perfect your craft, hear wonderful lectures by talented faculty & graduating students?
Okay, okay, we're glad to hear Hamline has a thriving program, too. But do they have gigantic cookies in their dining hall?
Do they have game night where students can play Boggle or Twister with fellow students and faculty?
How often do we get to see the smiling M.T. Anderson contort himself into odd shapes?

And I bet Vermont College is the only place on Earth that could produce a talented class of Unreliable Narrators performing the new hit,
"I Will Revise."

Editors and Agents: Are you looking for new talent?
Meet the Summer 2007 Graduating Class: The Unreliable Narrators!

August 2007
September 2007
October 2007
November 2007
December 2007

An Imaginary Blog???

Why not? I imagine my blog filled with short snippets of humor, heart and hope.

The real blog?
This is it.
Mostly hope.

Today's Forecast: Hopeful with a chance of humor and heart.