Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seymour Snail on Twitter--How Silly is That?

Seymour has his own profile on Twitter--
That's Silly, I Know!

Plenty silly, in fact. But then, Seymour is a funny and creative snail.
Seymour will share his sense of humor and unique worldview as he ventures slooooowly onto the high-speed web.
You can follow Seymour at: (Or his author, Lynn) at:

Do you know any children's book characters on Twitter? Please comment below with their Twitter ID's. I'd be curious to see what these characters have to say. Seymour and I will start a list. Thanks for helping us.

Forecast: More Seymour Snail Silliness at NOT the typical Twitter pace! (He's a snail after all)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lynn Interviewed for Do It All Mamas & Papas on

Dear Imaginary Readers,

It's my lucky week for being interviewed. First the Carma's Window interview. Now, Angele Sionna, Early Childhood Parenting Examiner at, interviewed me for her Do It All Mamas (& Papas) column. Please take a look.

Jim Averbeck read it and said it sounded like I am a big fan of bedtime. I am a big fan of bedtime. My own--of course--after long busy days, and my family's, too. Oh sure, now my kids are grown. But when they were young, late at night when everyone in the family was asleep and the house was quiet--was when I could write without interruption. I'm still a bit of a night owl.

Angele's interview includes my responses to:

Examiner: What secret do you have to share with other parents about "having it all" with your family and business?

Lynn: First of all, there is no "having it all." There is usually a shortage of something--not enough time, not enough money, not enough relaxation and "quality time" with family, not enough sleep, a house that's not clean enough, and not enough energy to carve out one's creative endeavors. We're constantly making choices about what we (and our family) need and want. It's a juggle for sure. The secret? Perhaps knowing that nobody "has it all." Then do your best juggling it all while appreciating what you have. A sense of humor helps, too.

Examiner: What is the number one piece of advice you have for other parents?

Lynn here again. You can read the rest of my responses to these and other questions at Do It All Mamas (& Papas)

Here are more interviews with me around the web. Thanks for taking a look.

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Q & A with Lynn at

Here are pics of a very young Lynn. If you scroll down on that page you'll see my Kindergarten & 2nd Grade report cards! Uh-oh!

Lynn interviewed at Carma's Window

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Forecast: Bedtime & more writing!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What's on YOUR Memorable Moments List?

May's Carnival of Children's Literature is up, hosted by Tarie at Into the Wardrobe. I like how she organized the posts into distinct categories. Take a look.

Carma over at Carma's Window reviewed SHIFTY and posted an interview of me. Thanks, Carma. It's always interesting to be interviewed. Sometimes questions feel similar to previous author interviews, but then a particular phrasing of a question or perhaps the mood I'm in when answering creates an unexpected response. This happened with one question in particular that Carma asked me. I responded with "top-of-my-head-truth" of course--actually lots of little truths-- but the combined truth I had not quite pulled together in my mind until she asked. Carma mentioned my Shifty Card video, then asked:

Q: The use of video's in blogs and websites are gaining in popularity. I love the way you made yours. I am sure you have experienced many memorable moments in your career. Is there one that stands out more?

Hazen: Oh, it is hard to choose one. Here are a few:
  • Dancing around the living room in a fit of happiness singing along with the lovely loud music of Joni Mitchell, "…go to the Mermaid Café, Have fun tonight…" when I found out my first book had sold (MERMAID MARY MARGARET)
  • A much quieter happy moment many months (years?) later--getting all unexpectedly teary-eyed when seeing the same first book available for check out at my San Francisco Public Library.

  • Meeting so many creative kindred spirits in the sometimes wacky world of children's books--fellow authors, illustrators, editors, agents, booksellers, teachers, librarians and of course, readers, all of whom care deeply about books.
  • Speaking of readers--high on the memorable moments list is meeting children and teens, and getting fan mail, email, and drawings from children and youth who have liked my books.

  • Doing the Bunny Hop with an enthusiastic library full of young children with CINDER RABBIT.

  • Connecting with youth at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center and local high schools about reading, writing, and my book, SHIFTY.
Wow, so many memorable moments. I’m thankful to have experienced them. I guess it is good to reflect on these moments from time to time, especially in the inevitable “less than inspiring” times as an author. I might just have to print this list, post it on my bulletin board and reread it in times of “writer frustration” so I don’t forget!
After the interview I did print up my memorable moments list and I'm adding to it: funny things that happened on school visits, brief pauses for celebration, small but so meaningful kindnesses from readers, connections to people and books. There are many ups and downs, lots of waiting and time warps in a writer's career. So I'm sure my Memorable Moments List will come in handy soon.

Imaginary Readers, please tell me what is on your Memorable Moments List?

Forecast: Cloudy “less than inspiring” times, increased wackiness, chances of ups and downs, waiting & time warps--as well as brief pauses for celebration, misty eyes at the public library, intermittent meaningful kindnesses, funny things, and sporadic fits of happiness, dancing & singing!