Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Amazing Trail of Seymour Snail--Kirkus Review!

I like this. It's Seymour's second review, this time from Kirkus.

Yay, it's still:

So far, so gooooooooo...good.

You might recall Seymour's first review from Booklist a while back. If not, click here to take a look.

And here is what Kirkus has to say about my favorite snail...

"Seymour Snail is an endearing artist..."

"Cushman’s anthropomorphized bugs from the art gallery are a hoot..."

"Creative wordplay abounds..."

"Engaging characters and winning art create a solid addition to the field of transitional literature."

KIRKUS REVIEWS April 1, 2009

"Budding artist Seymour the Snail gains experience by working at a local gallery. Employed by the demanding Mr. Stink Bug, shy Seymour struggles with mundane tasks and hears rumors that there is an inspiring artist in town. When the artist’s identity is revealed, Seymour’s world changes dramatically. The brief chapters assist readers transitioning from beginning fiction to longer selections. Detailed, shaded drawings fill each page and provide emotional depth. Seymour Snail is an endearing artist; with his tilted beret and paintbrush in mouth, he paints with passion. Cushman’s anthropomorphized bugs from the art gallery are a hoot; their sunglasses, beaded necklaces and high heels portray their fast-paced lifestyle. Creative wordplay abounds: Slow Seymour works as the Speedy Art Gallery, and jokes often serve the older reader. The spider with the business card shares, “I’m onto something big. It’s called the World Wide Web.” Engaging characters and winning art create a solid addition to the field of transitional literature. (Fantasy. 5-8)"

If you'd like to purchase a signed copy of Seymour, ooze on over to Cover to Cover Booksellers in San Francisco. Just give them a call at 415-282-8080 (and tell them Seymour sent you).

Imaginary Readers, if you are a creative or teacher-talented-type of person, I seek your assistance. I'm looking for art and nature projects related to snails to post (or link to) on my website and blog. If you know of any good snail-themed projects or come across any links to such, please let me know. Thanks!

Forecast: More happy slime & gooey good projects!

And dust off your beret!! Please come celebrate Seymour with me at a book launch party on Saturday May 16th at Cover to Cover.

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