Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lynn E. Hazen & Susan Taylor Brown's: Beyond Websites -- Facebook, Blogs & Twitter -- Oh MY!

I co-taught a class for SCBWI yesterday in Walnut Creek with Susan Taylor Brown called:

Beyond Websites -- Facebook, Blogs & Twitter -- Oh MY! How to Juggle Your Promotion Efforts, Social Websites & Online Personalities and STILL HAVE TIME TO WRITE

Oh MY! Susan and I had been preparing for weeks. There was a great turnout—49 people—and set up thanks to the swell organization skills and good spirit of scbwi volunteer and writer, Keely Parrack.

We had several super-duper valuable handouts. People asked great questions and the two hours zipped by in a flash. And Oh MY, it was great fun, too. Everyone left with several “To Do” lists to research, explore and try on the web. We tried to make our exploration of Web 2.0 for children’s authors and illustrators not too daunting or overwhelming. We were aiming for inspiring, fun, and chock full of info. Judging by the positive vibe of the attendees, their questions, and the evals we got—it was a success. Whoo hoo!

Here is what a few folks said on their evals:

"I've been a web developer for 14 years and I learned so much!"
Marik Bergits

"Great information on the various tech sites told in a user friendly fashion."
Marya Ashworth

"Susan Taylor Brown and Lynn E. Hazen paint realistic website and blogging panoramas. Practically focused, their energetic presenting made a believer out of me."
Lyndsey Davis

Chad Cameron

"Lynn and Susan took the mystery out of Twitter for me."
Carma Dutra

"A great introduction to Web 2.0 for Kidlit mavens. Lynn and Susan make the world of social networking seem accessible no matter how busy you are."
Dashka Slater

For final inspiration, I read aloud Gotta Book Gregory Pinkus’s great I’m Pretty Well Connected poem. (Thanks Gregory!!) I hope that the 49 participants felt inspired and a bit more confident to go out on the web to Facebook, Blog & Twitter (plus much much more) Oh MY!

Susan and I mentioned so there's the link.

I also mentioned Britt Bravo’s site and her Vimeo video on the value of Social Media. Here it is here. Take a look.

Meet Britt Bravo from David Collin on Vimeo.

And just for you, Imaginary Readers, Susan and I are offering a great free download with links to many of the Social Networking sites we mentioned (and a few we didn’t have time to mention) with clickable links for easy viewing.

Just go to my website and download our free:
"Lynn E. Hazen & Susan Taylor Brown's Social Media Adventure Map for Children's & YA Authors" (and illustrators too of course!)


But wait, there is more good news. In case you were unable to attend the class or want more in-depth info and guidance, Susan Taylor Brown, digital native extraordinaire, will be teaching online classes on this very hot topic. If you are interested in more info on her Social Media classes go to Susan’s web page at

To be put on Lynn Hazen’s email list of upcoming classes and events, please send an email to saying “Add me to your mailing list” (And tell me where we met or how you heard about me, too!)

Thanks to Jill Ann Cooke for creating the nifty photo collage at the top of this post.
And a few participants are already blogging about the class.
Take a look.

Lyndsey Rose Davis
Laure Latham Guyot
and of course, Susan Taylor Brown
Carma's Window
Fragments/ Keely Parrack

Forecast: Updating my own websites and blog!


Anonymous said...

I did a tiny url for yours and posted it to the Norca list.

I also updated my page, at the bottom, with a direct link to your page now that it's up.

We did great!

Erin Dealey said...

A workshop with two PR Queens--I'm so sorry I had to miss it! Susan's online class sounds great! Thanks for the map download, Queenie.
princess : )

Jen Robinson said...

I'm glad it was such a success, Lynn and Susan. I'm sorry I couldn't make it! I must confess that I'm ever so slowly starting to think about Twitter, though. Hope to see you both soon!

ReadingTub said...

This sounds like it was a great workshop. I've kept the link starred in my Reader for a week now so that I would have time to browse the download. What a huge help this is for navigating the social networking landscape ... it is so much more useful when you can see real people's links.