Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SHIFTY Review on Greg LS Blog

Drive on over to Greg Leitich Smith's blog for a review of SHIFTY.
Greg says in part,
"SHIFTY is an engaging, heartwarming, and sometimes funny story of growing up, responsibility, and what makes a family."

I like that Greg gets into Soli (aka Shifty's) motivation:

"It's not his fault this involves marginally legal activities, like driving without a license or picking up a homeless woman to pose as their grandmother..."

While you are on Greg's blog, scroll down a bit to see his other reviews, including Susie Williams' new novel, Bull Rider. Susie's book is on my "too read soon" list.
Greg says,
"In BULL RIDER, Williams effectively captures the feel of a small, close-knit ranching community, delivering believable and likeable characters and an affecting arc. In short, BULL RIDER is a moving novel of hope, recovery, and family."

Greg is the author of Ninjas, Piranhas, and Galileo and Tofu and T.Rex. He is also the Co-Author of Santa Knows.

Forecast: "To Read Soon" list getting longer and longer

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