Monday, March 30, 2009

Cesar Chavez Day, Middle School & High School Visits, and Totally Cool Teen Art

I've been doing some San Francisco middle school, high school and juvenile hall visits recently with my YA novel, SHIFTY. I've really enjoyed meeting youth, teachers and librarians at S. F. Juvenile Hall, Horace Mann Middle School, John O'Connell High School and Mission High School. I'm inspired by the questions from the youth about SHIFTY and their interest in the writing process. Writing is usually such a solitary process so meeting teen readers has been great fun (and has given me ideas for new stories)!

I took all these photos of the inspiring student art work in the hallways of Horace Mann Middle School. Wow!

Imaginary Readers, isn't that some of the coolest art you've ever seen?

Forecast: More school visits and maybe someday I'll even catch up on downloading the rest of the photos off my camera!

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Ms. Trusso said...

hey lynn - buena vista elementary also has a few of these mosaic art pieces in their cafeteria - done by elementary students....