Friday, November 14, 2008

Urban Moon Over The Mission

No Parking Moon

A similar moon shows up in my new YA novel, SHIFTY.

In my books you will not find overly flowery descriptions of my characters--or setting either. But I love San Francisco and the juxtaposition of urban life, man-made objects and the natural light you'll find here. I like the diversity of people in all neighborhoods, the beauty of things we want to see. But I also try to be aware of the people and parts of the city we pretend not to see or frequently turn away from. So I've begun to carry my camera around with me to try to capture some of what I see in "my setting."

I took these photos Wednesday evening on a "not quite full moon" night.

Stop Sign Moon (above)

Telephone Pole Moon (below)

Forecast: A free online interview chat between the author (that's me) and the English class of the first middle school or high school student (this could be you!) who comments below on where you'll find the moon in my YA novel, Shifty. (including the page numbers).

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