Sunday, November 23, 2008

CSLA (California School Library Association) Author Illustrator Brunch

Sunday's CSLA Author Illustrator Brunch in Sacramento was fun. I had a chance to say a brief 'hello' to several author friends. Here are some pics:
A few of the authors in attendance (from left): Gennifer Choldenko, Jay Asher, Erin Dealey, Elissa Haden Guest, Lynn Hazen, Karen Beaumont & Bob Barner

More pics:
Elissa Haden Guest & Lynn Hazen

Alma Flor Ada, Gennifer Choldenko & Isabel Compoy

Lori Lim (one of the organizers of the brunch) with Elissa Haden Guest

Pam Turner, Lynn Hazen & Gennifer Choldenko

I was seated at Table 10 where I met a really great bunch of librarians and curriculum leaders from Long Beach.

I was happy to see author Ron Koertge there, faculty from my MFA days at Vermont College. I was hoping to get a photo but--oops--I must have had the camera set to "movie." Well, this is the Imaginary Blog so please imagine a nice photo or a very short video of Ron & me smiling.

Forecast: I'm still aiming for another interview before November becomes December!

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