Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Back with Bad Poetry Friday-- Join us as Jules & Eisha Share Seven Impossible Stanzas...

Hold on to your coffee mugs, folks. It's time for Bad Poetry Friday...

Lynn says: Hmmm. That was supposed to be all one poem, but Blogger shrunk it really tiny (squint below). So I had to divide it into smaller chunks to make it show up a bigger, readable size. Anyone know how to get rid of the tiny border boxes? I suspect it has to do with my template choice. Please just imagine that those little boxes around the stanzas don't exist, okay?

Otherwise it would look like this:

Forecast: Poetry Police! I hear the sirens already...

Okay our Poetry Police just got this on their radar. Here's what the Poetry Police have to say: "Good poem. So smart and funny. Hmm, okay these people aren't even trying anymore. To write a bad poem you have to expend a little effort: wrack your brain for the cliche--it will come. But if you insist on being original and funny, well I'm afraid I can't help. Bad Poetry Friday? We just can't get there from here."

You heard it folks, we need worse bad poetry than this. Don't be afraid.
Remember: Let’s force more rhymes
Let’s mess with the meter
Let’s lower the bar from now on.

So come back next week to the Imaginary Blog because every Friday--
The Rhymes, They Are a Changing….

Come creative people, please heed the call
Send us BAD POETRY, or no poetry at all…
Here's how to play


tanita✿davis said...

This is Lovely?

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Oh no. How could you post this the week my Dr. made me give up coffee? I really need some now.