Friday, February 1, 2008

We're Back With Bad Poetry Friday

How bad is it?

Here is this week's winner, sent in by Marsha Morrow, brave children's book writer:

It’s so very tough, tough, tough
Not to write fluff, fluff, fluff.
I want to fly
Straight up to the sky!
I don’t want to fall on my duff, duff, duff.

"Perfect. Well done, Marsha. It's fun bad, the best kind," our Poetry Police comment. "The repetition serves no purpose and thus elevates (or perhaps, lowers) the piece into our realm of truly bad poetry."

And yet it captures the heart and hope of every writer.
So good luck everybody. Go forth and write non-fluff.
We'll see you soon for:
More Bad
Better Bad
Could It Get Even Worse Bad (we hope so) Bad Poetry

Be brave and send us--any day of the week--your Bad Poetry, please!

The Rhymes, They Are A Changing
(sung to the tune of Bob Dylan’s Times They Are A Changing)

Come gather ‘round Bad Poets wherever you roam
And admit that the oddities in publishing have grown
No need to like blogging—you’ve found your new home
If your bad poem to you is worth saving…
We’d better start laughing, or we’ll feel all alone
For the rhymes, they are a changing…

Here’s how to play…

Just make up really bad rhymes poking good-natured fun at the frequent craziness of the children’s book world. Then send in your bad rhyme (any day of the week) in the body of your message (no attachments, please) to

Everyone’s invited--writers, editors, marketing folks, librarians, agents, reviewers, booksellers, and readers—cast your meter to the wind and send us your BAD POETRY please.

We’ll post the best (or the worst) depending on our mood every Friday.
Let us know if you want to be credited or anon.

8 short lines max
6 or 4 lines even better.
2 lines might be best of all.
We’re going for short here, folks--
Because if it’s gonna be bad, it better be brief!

Send in your bad rhyme (any day of the week) in the body of your message (no attachments, please) to

Come back next week to the Imaginary Blog because every Friday--
The Rhymes, They Are a Changing….

Come creative people, please heed the call
Send us BAD POETRY, or no poetry at all…

Forecast: Bravery with occasional bursts of flying

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