Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SHIFTY Reviews on Amazon UK & the 4 Covers of SHIFTY

Hello Imaginary Readers,

There are times as an author when you wonder if anyone is reading your books (or your blog :-). So it was a fun and very nice surprise to receive a google alert pointing me to reviews of SHIFTY on Amazon UK. I'm thrilled with the UK reviews and that readers liked my characters and story. Plus is was super fun to read some of unique words and phrases used to describe SHIFTY. Please take a look.

SHIFTY will be published October 1st in the UK by Frances Lincoln.
Here are the four covers of SHIFTY:

UK cover (published by Frances Lincoln)

Australian cover (published by Allen & Unwin)

US covers (hardcover-2008) & (paperback-2010) published by Tricycle/Random House--

The US paperback version, below, comes out in March 2010.

Imaginary Readers, which cover do you like best?


Amanda M. said...

Hey Lynn - LOVING the PB US cover of Shifty! Makes it look very contemporary, almost like a photo-image. Cool! Which cover is YOUR favorite? I don't think you said....

Lynn E. Hazen said...

Thanks, Amanda.
I love the new paperback cover, too.
But I like them all. I love the blue's and greens of the original US hardcover and the expression of the youth on the cover. I also love the vibrant colors, sense of movement and stenciled titles on the Australian and UK versions.

As a kid, I always wanted to see what the main character in my favorite books was "supposed" to look like, but remember being miffed if they were depicted differently than I imagined. I guess as a reader I wanted to imagine what they looked like myself. So for that reason, as much as I love the other cover, the paperback cover is really working for me, too. It leaves it open to SHIFTY's readers' to imagine what Soli might look like. Does that make sense? Plus it looks faded and summery and SHIFTY takes place in the summer, so that works for me, too.

Amanda M. said...

Hey Lynn - totally makes sense. I do like all the covers too, but for some reason that US paperback cover really strikes me. I think it is in part what you say - the ability to imagine for ourselves what Soli looks like. I also like the contrasts - the black and white image of the boy against the color of the city behind it.
Heck, it's just exciting that all those different versions are coming out! You're right - it's all good! :)