Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Check out my latest videos on How to Make a SHIFTY Card.
The first one is a short (90 seconds) video of the completed SHIFTY Card. The next one is the 8 minute "How To."

You can download the free pdf pattern to make your own SHIFTY Card at www.ShiftyTheBook.com. Once you are there, click on the Students & Teachers link.

Thanks for taking a look. And if you make your own SHIFTY Card, please post a vid and let me know where so I can see your personal artistic touches. Thanks!

The SHIFTY Card Completed (short version) from Lynn H on Vimeo.

How to Make a Cool SHIFTY Card from Lynn H on Vimeo.

SHIFTY was chosen for VOYA'S Top Shelf Fiction, as a CCBC Choice, and a Smithsonian Notable. More info about my YA novel, SHIFTY, can be found at www.ShiftyTheBook.com. Please forward to interested teens, teachers and librarians. And tell them I'm available for high school, middle school, and library visits!
I have a few other author videos I created on Vimeo. You can see more info on my profile there.


Ellen Yeomans said...

I feel so crafty just watching all that folding and glueing. I think I'll go find me a gluestick and make some magic.

Red Fox Literary said...

So cool. And very clear directions. Teens should LOVE this. We gotta get it out there.

Tarie Sabido said...

Hey that's a cool card, Lynn!

BookChook said...