Sunday, September 28, 2008

2nd Annual KidLitosphere Conference in Portland

I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it to the KidLit 08 conference, but with some last-minute planning and whirlwind packing I am glad I went.


It was fun. It was a friendly, funny, thought-provoking, and informative group.
And it all revolved around a common interest in books for children and young adults. What could be better than that?

I got to meet many new people and see old friends.

Best of all? Connecting real faces, voices and colorful personalties of real people behind so many KidLitosphere blogs.

Here are some quick photos, thoughts, highlights and questions.

Hooray to Laini and Jone above, the wonderful organizers who pulled it all together. Thanks!
Many attended with hearts, minds, and laptops open. Anastasia Suen

Are these folks' fingertips always connected to the their keyboards?
I'm in awe.

Who attended? There were Author-bloggers. Librarian-bloggers. Teacher-bloggers. Reviewer-bloggers. Daddy-bloggers. Mommy-Bloggers. Don't forget to comment-bloggers. Illustrator-bloggers. Podcasting-bloggers. Multitasking-bloggers. Poetry-bloggers. Group-bloggers. Publisher-PR-bloggers. It's getting-crowded in-the-Kidlitosphere-bloggers. There's-room-for-more-bloggers. Serious-bloggers. Curious but-just-getting-started-bloggers. Used-to-blog-more-bloggers. Even some skeptical, you-can't-make-me non-bloggers. And last but not least, in a category all her own, Betsy-Bird-Below-Blogger.

As someone who does not blog daily, I am in awe of those who post so often. But as an author I must balance my time and of course write new books. I feel fine posting when I can and not fretting (too much) when I am doing my "other non-blog writing." Yes, those manuscripts that will someday be my next books! I feel though, that I need a little sign like a "gone fishing sign" to hang on my blog to signify I still exist and I'll be back--I'm just busy doing my book-writing. Any artists out there who want to create a little author logo for us? Like a "Gone Fishing" sign for author-bloggers?

Okay, before I go fishing for stories and plot-lines again, here are a few more pics:

Multi-tasking Mark Blevis of Just One More Book, who can attend a conference, give a presentation, podcast, shop for a new Flip video cam, take movies, network, socialize, have fun, twitter, read a novel AND a picture book all at the same time!!

You have to admit, Imaginary Readers, that's pretty darn impressive! Here he is reading Zu Vincent's new novel, The Lucky Place, and my picture book, Buzz Bumble to the Rescue, simultaneously. Wow.

See Mark again below during his presentation of "The Podcaster at the End of this Book."

You'll find more pics and posts from fellow conference attendees here.

Forecast: Back tomorrow to post more KidLit Conference pics, thoughts and maybe a little video, too. Unless of course, I've "gone fishing!"


Julie said...

So glad you got to go and so sad I did not. I would have loved to see you there, Lynn! Can't wait to read more of the report...and thanks for posting pictures.

Julie up in Seattle

rathacat said...

Hi Lynn,
I really enjoyed being your roomie at the conference. Hope all goes well for you and your various projects. I like the idea of a "gone fishing" sign for author bloggers.
Thanks again!

Clare Bell
The Scratching Log

Lynn E. Hazen said...

Hello Julie,
Great to hear from you. I miss you. I'm still planning on interviewing you soon if you are up for it. My preschool kids love The Imaginary Menagerie. It's in the book corner now! And would you happen to have a bad poem handy for some upcoming Bad Poetry Friday?

Lynn E. Hazen said...
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Sarah Stevenson said...

Maybe I'll have to take a stab at that "Gone Fishing" sign for author/artist bloggers! It's a great idea. Must think on it...

Great to meet you at the conference!

Finding Wonderland

Lynn E. Hazen said...

Great to meet you too, Sarah.
And YES please--please make us a "Gone Fishing" sign!