Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seymour Snail on Twitter--How Silly is That?

Seymour has his own profile on Twitter--
That's Silly, I Know!

Plenty silly, in fact. But then, Seymour is a funny and creative snail.
Seymour will share his sense of humor and unique worldview as he ventures slooooowly onto the high-speed web.
You can follow Seymour at: (Or his author, Lynn) at:

Do you know any children's book characters on Twitter? Please comment below with their Twitter ID's. I'd be curious to see what these characters have to say. Seymour and I will start a list. Thanks for helping us.

Forecast: More Seymour Snail Silliness at NOT the typical Twitter pace! (He's a snail after all)


The Book Chook said...

Hi Seymour and Lynn,

For your list, some characters I follow on twitter -
The Masked Echidna:
Kev the Lonely Kiwi
Alexander Bunyip (some people don't think he's real)
Captain Porker

Lori Calabrese said...


I look forward to following you on Twitter!

I recently signed up to follow Jarret Krosoczka's Lunch Lady who also twitters!

I think a list of characters that tweet would be a huge service!

Thanks! :)

C Lee said...

Kids will love following these guys. Well, heck, I'll love following them.