Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Heart Belongs to Vermont College...

My heart belongs to Vermont College where I got my MFA in Writing For Children & Young Adults. I met many wonderful and talented writers, connected to my Salon sisters, and honed my craft with the help of amazing faculty in an exciting, intensely challenging, yet fun creative environment. So it's great to get together with local MFA grads. It's even more fun when a member of Vermont's faculty comes to town.

Here's M.T. Anderson with Vermont MFA grads Lynn Hazen, Sharry Wright and Jandy Nelson after his reading and signing at NYMBC in San Francisco. M.T. Anderson read from Feed and his new book, Octavian Nothing II. Having drinks afterward at Max's Opera Cafe was fun, too--though the waiters failed to burst into song as we had hoped. Maybe next time.

If you'd like to read an interview with M.T. Anderson, including his musings on the merits of broccolli, new strategies for plotting and more--please check out this post on the Imaginary Blog back in April 2008.

Forecast: Happy Memories of The Dame Has a Lame Tame Crane--Hmm, can you forecast memories? I think I just did.

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