Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making Books With Young Children: A "Make and Take" Hands-On Workshop For Adults

Saturday May 1, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in San Francisco
(For info & to register, please download a pdf here)

Learn unique techniques for making books in this "Make and Take" hands-on workshop for adults who work and play with young children & their families. This workshop is ideal for preschool teachers, early childhood professionals, therapists, children's book authors who do classroom visits, parents and nannies. Please join Lynn Hazen, MA, MFA & Debbie Vuong, MFT in this fun workshop. Certificates for 5 hours of Professional Development will be awarded.
Why Make Books with Children? Building individual and collaborative family & classroom books with young children provides many opportunities for creative expression, encourages self-esteem, early literacy, family-friendly home-school interaction, cross-curriculum learning, and an early love of books. Plus it's fun! Children, teachers, and families will want to read these one-of-a-kind books together again and again, encouraging an early start to a life-long love of books, reading, writing and creativity.

Books include pop-up books, accordion books, collaborative books, theme books, dictation stories, file folder books, teeny-tiny books, memory books, social stories, and more ideas just in time for Mother's & Fathers Day!

Required: Each participant needs to bring a pair of scissors, pencil, pen, and a large glue stick or small bottle of white glue (or both). Other materials will be provided. (But if you have some stuff/treasures you want to clear out of your art supply closet, please bring it to use or share with your fellow workshop participants).

Optional: Feel free to bring any children's art, photos, kid-painted papers, collage items, favorite markers, etc. (Or any scrap-booking type materials you might like to use in your Make & Take sample books).

Encouraged: If you've already made any books with children, please bring some samples to show.

This "Make and Take" Hands-On Workshop For Adults will be led by Lynn E. Hazen, who has an M.A. in Early Childhood Education, & an M.F.A. in Writing For Children and Young Adults; and Debbie Vuong, MFT.

Any questions? Please email:

Location: St. Francis Lutheran Church, 152 Church St. SF. 94114
(near the J Church Street Car line. Neighborhood parking nearby okay on Sat.)
(Many thanks to Friends of St. Francis for their support of this event)

To register, please copy and mail the form below with your check to:
Lynn Hazen, PO Box 40097, San Francisco, CA 94140
You can also download a pdf of this info here to print & mail (or send to your friends--please do! There's a discount for groups of 4 or more)
Phone number_____________________________________
How did you hear about this workshop?_________________

Registration fee for the workshop is $75. per person

* $5.00 Early Registration Discount if received by April 19th.

** Groups of 4 or more may take an additional $5. discount if registrations are mailed together in the same envelope. Please list names and emails on reverse of this form of all 4 people if registering together for the group registration discount. Thanks!

Registration Fee: $75.00
*Early Reg Discount - <____>
** Group of 4 Discount - <____>
Total $ ________
Please make checks payable to: Lynn Hazen
Circle YES if you need a receipt.
Make receipt out to: ___________________________________________
To register, please mail form above with your check to: Lynn Hazen, PO Box 40097, San Francisco, CA 94140

Any questions? Please email:

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