Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Same Busy Saturday: Part 2--Moss Art? Will It Work?

After my Books Inc Storytime in Berkeley, I returned to San Francisco and an afternoon of blue skies and sunshine. After so much rain these past couple of months I wanted to be outdoors and I wanted to experiment with some moss painting.

What do you think, Imaginary Readers? Is this going to work?
First I found some moss growing all over the yard. The moss seems to love the recent rains.

I had already scanned some children's snail art and transferred it to a piece of wood. Then I had dremeled out a little groove for the moss paint goo. I soaked the wood in water and my friend, Charlesie, soaked a few terra cotta pots, too.

Then I smushed up some moss and yogurt to make gooey moss paint. I like to think that Seymour Snail would approve of this.So we painted the wood and the clay pots.

The idea is that over time and with frequent spritzes of water from a spray bottle the moss will begin to grow...
I'll report back soon with some more pics in progress. Will the moss grow?

Forecast: A growing love of moss art?

What do you think, Imaginary Readers?
Will it work?
Do you have any unique recipes for garden arty paint?
Seymour wants to know.


nina said...

i'm excited to see how your experiment turns out!

Lynn E. Hazen said...

Thanks, Nina. Me too! I'll take more pics and post them when it starts to grow.

Kate Coombs said...

Moss art? How cool is that! (I just grow out-of-control nasturtiums.)

Bekah said...

I imagine they might grow. What a fun experiment.

Tibaldo said...

so, what's the results ?

Lynn E. Hazen said...

No, didn't work. Need to try again. Have you done Moss painting, Tibaldo?
Might not have watered enough at beginning.

Laura, Adult Tricycle said...

Talking about this experiment, I'm always wondering how long it will take for the moss to root and grow on a surface (I’m thinking composite concrete here) because none of the sites online really discuss a timeline.

Nathan and Rachel said...

I can't find a timeline either! I imagine it changes depending on the type of moss but I wish I could find more info. There's info everywhere about how to make the 'moss paint' but no one says how long it'll take to grow!