Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seymour Celebration!

Books, Berets, Friends & Fun!

Yes, last Saturday was fun with a celebration for my new book, THE AMAZING TRAIL OF SEYMOUR SNAIL illustrated by Doug Cushman. It was doubly fun because it was a double book launch party for Elissa Haden Guest and her new book, HARRIET'S HAD ENOUGH! Here come some pics of the celebration.
(Above) Elissa & me in front of Cover to Cover Booksellers. Yep, I'm wearing my beret with a snail decoration on it. (Seymour the Snail wears a beret on the cover of the book, too!)

Below, yummy goat cheese with edible flowers from Harley Farms.

(Below) Mr. Stink Bug in the window holding a copy of THE AMAZING TRAIL OF SEYMOUR SNAIL.

Me, my son Mike & Liz. Mike helped with the mechanics of Seymour zipping around and around the window display on a hidden Lego train. Thanks, Mike! See the video below. What fun!

Seymour Slimes His Way from Lynn H on Vimeo.

More friends and berets! Lynn & Karen below.
I love the illustrations in THE AMAZING TRAIL OF SEYMOUR SNAIL. Stay tuned for an interview with the illustrator, the wildly talented Doug Cushman. Thank you, Doug for bringing Seymour and his pals to life.

Maria & Karen above.

Lynn & Elissa (above)

4 Revisionaries (above): Lynn, Jim, Karen & Maria

Jim & Karen

Charlesie, Lynn & Ryoko (Charlesie helped paint the cool platform to hide the train, and she made the super yummy cookies below left in the box that looked like little mini painting palettes!) Ryoko helped make the cool bug and flower art in the window. Yes, it takes a village to launch a book!
More friends below:

Frances, Lynn & a young reader!

(above) Venus & her Little Stars and Lynn

(above) My inspiration for Charlie & Prince Charming Whiskers in Cinder Rabbit.

(above) Clara & Lynn
(below) Ryoko & Lynn

More young readers!

Lynn, Yuyi (in her Che beret), and Maria

Debbie & Lynn

Facepainting fun, too!

Karen & Frances above. Era, Debbie & Lynn below

Okay, the snails all slowly slime their way home. Thanks for taking a look.
If you missed the party but still want a signed copy of any of Lynn's or Elissa's books, please call
Cover to Cover at 415-282-8080

The two authors again. Thanks to Tracy & Mark at Cover to Cover for hosting. And thanks to everybody who came to the party to celebrate with us!


Anonymous said...

You all look so natty in your berets! I am so sorry to have missed this slimicious event. - Shirl

Anonymous said...


Great event! Great pics! Great kids...and I am oohing over the lovely goat cheese!

Can't wait to add Seymour to my shelf!


Lynn E. Hazen said...

Hi Shirl, Hi Bethany. Wish you could have been there. The cheese by the way was brought by Karen from local Harley Farms Goat Dairy. It was so yum. Looks like you can order online at


Thanks for sharing this event with us! I watched your video, and I do have two remarks:
1. I want a snail train for Christmas.
2. That boy can move! I'm worried that the Snail Police are going to give Seymour a speeding ticket.
Yes, the beret is excellent. Off to look for Seymour on Amazon...