Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Edition: Blog Carnival of Children's Literature Coming to an Imaginary Blog Near You!

We Love Children's (and YA) Books...

Hi Everybody,
I'm hosting Feb's Blog Carnival of Children's Literature right here on The Imaginary Blog.

The theme for this month's Valentine's Edition is:
We Love Children's (and YA) Books.
We Love Kid-Lit
More than a carnival this month I'm hoping for a Multimedia Carnival Extravaganza! Submit your blog link by Feb. 23rd to:

So yes, please send your favorite February blog post link by Feb. 23rd, including any audio, video, podcast, audio interviews, art, songs, animation, or whatever "beyond text" media you desire.

Tell us what you love about reading, reviewing, writing, or illustrating children's (and YA) books. What do you love about getting good books into the hands of children and youth? What do you love (or even what breaks your heart) about the world of children's books?

Please send your links by Feb. 23rd to:

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