Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 Kidlitosphere Conference, Part 2

As promised here are more photos and a short video from the Kidlitosphere Conference.
Opening Panel:

Dia Calhoun, Lori Ann Grover, Betsy Bird, Alice Pope & Mark Blevis

It's hard to read Betsy Bird's nifty shirt in the above photo. But if you watch my video below, you'll see it clearly. Plus you'll get to hear what Betsy has to say about the term "KidLit." It's fun. It's short. Take a look. (And if you click on the 4 tiny arrows, you can watch it "full screen")

Betsy Bird Talks "KidLit" at the 2008 KidLitosphere Conference from Lynn H on Vimeo.
On a side note, this video was shot with my newish Flip video camera which I love. I was trying to show it off to Mark Blevis just moments before the conference early Saturday morning, but it was showing the dreaded "low battery." Luckily I had packed a few extra batteries. Whew!

Below see Betsy showing her nifty Flip cam to Laini. Later in the day Mark bought a Flip and was taking movies, too. I hope he and Betsy post their movies soon.

Colleen Mondor & Jackie Parker gave an informative and full-of-personality talk about Community Blog Tour Events.

Colleen above, Jackie below.

Pam Coughlan (Mother Reader) shared strategies to "Kick Your Blog Up a Notch." Pam will be organizing the 2009 Kidlitosphere Conference in Washington DC!

Laini Taylor & Jen Robinson

Laini Taylor & Jen Robinson presented a great conversation on "The Bridge Between Authors & Book Reviewers" touching on several do's & don'ts from both author's and reviewer's points of view. A couple of tidbits:

Reviewer peeve: When authors or publicists don't read the reviewer's Review Policy.

Author peeve: When reviewers use spoilers and give away the plot of the book!

I like Greg Pincus's phrase: "I'm geeky--so you don't have to be." I also like the idea of being ready for "the happy accident." Greg had lots of useful examples and info including a link to a wiki he and his brother, Jon, created about Book Promotion on the Web. Take a look.

I enjoyed the whole conference. One of the unexpected benefits was reconnecting with Vermont College MFA friends--
Cheryl Coupe Zu Vincent &
Yours truly, Lynn

Forecast: Lots of good connections, an ever-expanding & ever-important Kidlitosphere, and D.C. in 2009!


zu said...


Great pictures of a terrific day. One more highlight, I now have my signed copy of "Shifty" and it's on top of my to read pile. Can't wait! zv

Deb Cushman said...

I'm finally getting caught up with all the Kidlit Conference Bloggers! It was nice to meet you there and Freckles really enjoyed posing with you and Zu!